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Lift Chairs

Is a Lift Chair right for you?

The advantages of owning a lift chair are many. With multiple position choices, you can adjust your chair to a position that can relieve pressure on your lower back or help increase your circulation; and you can do so with the help of a control device. 

Also, many insurances will help pay for a portion of the lift chair, making it more affordable. However, qualifying is difficult.

We have a great selection of contemporary designs and fabrics to match any decor.



Copper PCO        Hazlenut PHA       Scarlet PS


Sterling PST            Island TIP


Autumn AAU      Cornflower  ACF     Spring  ASP


Rosewood ARW    Pearl APE


Power Chairs/Scooters

At B&K Prescription Shop we carry a selection of Power Chairs and Scooters that offer True All-Around Performance.

Manual Wheelchairs/Walkers

Improve your mobility with the comfort, stability and durability of our medical grade equipment.